The nonconformists are those who challenge the status quo, seek a new outlook to things seemingly simple. Some would call them scientists, others, visionaries, geniuses, entrepreneurs. It does not matter. What unites them is the mindset to live the user experience, creating something that will improve the life of such an individual. Much is said today about digital transformation; however, we seem to forget that people innovate, not technology. Therefore, we must enable people, give them the proper tools so they can prepare themselves, grow, and create.

Logicalis has been transforming Latin America thanks to highly skilled professionals, prepared to assist every client in overcoming challenges and innovate. It is a trusting relationship of collaboration with clients and partners, which strengthens every day. We are by their side to support them from the consulting, to design, deployment, and execution of the technology, always focusing on value generation through innovative solutions. Our clients’ success is our success!

This edition is full of novelties to inspire you to become a transformation agent yourself! Good reading!

Vanessa Lima
Marketing and alliances director for Latin America