Case study

One process of transformation technological

Chapter 1
The story
Due to exponential growth of the company, decision to create an area of own technology

Megas upgrade from Internet

Equipment installed

Users benefited

Compañia Mega, the Argentinian company operating in the country since 2001, whose mission is to contribute with the national energy development and the growth and industrialization of natural gas, has gotten systems and infrastructure services from YPF, one of its principal shareholders. However, in 2017, due to the company’s expansion and the speed of the required changes following such growth, they decided to create a technology area to meet both the business and customers’ needs exclusively. Since then, the new technology team’s priority is transforming Compañia Mega into an innovative company, with more autonomy and promptness in its processes. Since then, hhe company has trusted Logicalis to assist and strengthen its techological growth process.

One major project carried out in 2018 was the upgrading of the applications supporting the business and the creation of the technology infrastructure, which has allowed the detachment from YPF-provided services, while ensuring the necessary infrastructure for updating and including new services. It was the first project the company assigned to Logicalis, and it was the foundation for several others that occurred over the year.

“At Compañia Mega, we are undergoing growth and transformation, striving to become an innovative company by including modern and agile services. It is important for us to count on a regionally present provider, as having direct contact and the possibility of having them close to the business is crucial. At the same time, as our business expands, it requires a partner able to keep up and respond in technical aspects and flexibility, the most valuable features for our current moment of growth and learning,” says Leandro Roldan, Compañia Mega’s technology manager.

The joint effort, primarily marked by the creation of a new IT network for the energy company, begun over a year ago.

Chapter 2
The process
The project involved implementation of network technologies, data center, collaboration and security beyond 24×7 managed services

The project kick-started with the creation of a network connecting the headquarters in Buenos Aires to the Bahia Blanca and Neuquén offices, which included the implementation of technologies for networking, data center, collaboration, wireless, and security. Furthermore, they contemplated the idea of managed services to operate the network 24×7, both remotely and in-person. Thanks to the new scenario, Compañia Mega could upgrade and update its infrastructure, migrating applications previously on-premises to multicloud environments, and ramping up the strategy to include innovation services like SaaS (Software as a Service), such as ERP SAP S/4, Ariba, SSFF, collaboration tools, etc.

In 2019, with this configuration and the goal to support more than 300 users, fostering productivity, commitment, and collaboration, the company has decided to embrace a project to include digital tools, offering mobility and access regardless of where are the users. For that, it has acquired the Microsoft Modern Workplace suite.

The suite integrates with a set of tools that go from classic Microsoft products, such as Windows, to scattered teams administration software for managing new business models, or deal with complex security issues.

Once again, in its role of integrator, Logicalis came in to implement and integrate the solution with the company’s current infrastructure, and with the challenge of accomplishing it without disturbing operations and the work of employees. For that, they designed a project split into three phases with an approximate duration of 18 months, led by Javier Espínola, head of infrastructure and security at Compañia Mega.

According to Roldan, the goal “is to enable all suite’s tools and intensely work in their adoption, facilitating the use for all areas to leverage them at the most.” Security tools and policies will be implemented to serve as a base to add the company’s new productivity tools. Moreover, personal devices, like cellphones and tablets, will be released for corporate use, and solutions will be enabled at Microsoft’s cloud, Azure.

Chapter 3
The benefits
Thanks to the new scenario, it was possible to modernization of infrastructure, potentializing innovative services adoption strategy

Implement and operate its own infrastructure, seeking the agility, autonomy and flexibility necessary for the systems area to be able to accompany the growth of the business

The importance of the model

Currently, Compañia Mega continues working hard to respond to the business through innovative technologies, and during this transformation stage, Logicalis is assisting the company with several services.

Among them, we highlight support for the new network in settings, monitoring, and management; helpdesk management with own resources in several of the client’s locations to meet users’ demands; network security services through incident management; and multicloud platforms’ management and maintenance services, among others. Also, Logicalis is carrying out a consultancy process along with Compañia Mega’s technology team to foster and define their own IT processes, which will allow, in the future, streamlining operations and optimizing all that was accomplished.

The service network

“For Logicalis, the work executed with Compañia Mega is extremely relevant, as it allows offering a response on 360°, deploying our entire technical and service capacity. On the other hand, the fact that the client continues to choose us for critical projects during this phase of growth reaffirms their trust in us and delineates the path we must follow,” says Leonardo Malvar, Logicalis Hispanic America’s processes and services manager.

“We are working with Logicalis for more than one year in extremely significant projects, such as the detachment and the creation of our own corporate network. So we do see the company as a partner willing to assist us in this period, exhibiting the flexibility we need and responding proactively to any situation or problem that arises”

Leandro Roldán, Mega company technology responsible